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Atlas 2 Wheel Electric Vehicles

As the range of Two Wheel Electric improves each year more people are making the investment to move to green and inexpensive transport.

Atlas EV has been in the recreational Two and Four wheel business for over 15 years with a history of innovation in the field. We were one of the first to introduce the pit bike into the market in 2003, with performance and quality that is still recognized today. In 2004 after being recognized as one of the leaders in the field, we formed a Joint venture company with HYUNDAI Corporation to distribute 2 wheel vehicles Globally.

By 2011 the quality of Electric mobility had stabilized so we began to to offer Eco friendly transport. Over the past several years we have worked with companies at the leading edge of 2 wheel transport.

We invite you to check our range and discuss your Electric Vehicle needs.

Visit the Atlas EV Website now.

Atlas EV Website

Atlas EV Two wheel products.


Full range of electric mopeds. Featuring comfortable seat, hig quality brakes, Suspension, lights and indiactors as standard.

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eMoped from AtlasEV


A range of eBikes with pedal assist to help go up the hills or for the times you just want to enjoy the surroundings without effort.

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Atlas EV eBike

Visit the Atlas EV Website now.

Atlas EV Website